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Cosmetics Efficacy Clinical Study Team
Conduct evaluation on the functional cosmetics, quasi-drugs, antibacterial function, in addition to stability and effectiveness test on the cosmetic ingredients at once!

Alternatives to animal testing evaluation

Alternatives to animal testing are increasingly becoming common in the cosmetics market led by Europe.
Alternatives to animal testing is to apply the 3R principles in consideration of animal welfare. It is already becoming common in the global cosmetics market to expand a campaign to stop animal testing and the domestic cosmetics companies are joining the spirit, as well. 3D skin tissue culture enables to check not only the ingredients applied to the products but also skin penetration toxicity and inflammatory response caused on finished products, which draws attention as an alternative to animal testing.

Grounded on the Laboratory Animal Act promulgated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and the "OECD's guidelines on alternatives to animal testing," we organically utilize the human study results with the safety and effectiveness evaluations on the cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs through artificial skin tissues.

Category of alternatives to animal testing guidelines
Category of alternatives to animal testing guidelines Title
Single dose toxicity study Skin toxicity test using artificial epidermal tissue
Skin irritation test Skin irritation test using artificial epidermal tissue
Phototoxicity test Phototoxicity test using artificial melanin epidermal tissue
Draize test Eye irritation test using artificial cornea tissue
Oral irritation test Oral irritation test using artificial oral tissue

Live animals are used as subjects to test safety and effectiveness of cosmetics and pharmaceutical drugs applied to the skin. Experimenting directly with live animals, however, is likely to produce results disparate from tests conducted on actual human skin, let alone cruelty, therefore, interests and demands for alternative technologies to animal testing are on the rise. Developed by the Korea Institute of Dermatological Sciences, the 3D skin tissue and immortalized 3D skin tissue are what reproduce the human skin tissues almost as they are to effectively replace the inhuman animal experiments and, even better, to perform evaluation on safety and effectiveness in a more accurate manner.