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Quality Inspection Study Team
This is our Quality Inspection Research Center for Global Cosmetics to ensure quality and safety of the world-class biotech industry.

Quality inspection safety control standard

Regulation on Safety Standards, etc. of Cosmetics: No. 2016-74, promulgated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (2016.07.28)

안전관리 기준
Item Detection limit
Lead (Pb) Under 20ug/g (Powdered product with clay as ingredient: Under 50ug/g)
Arsenic(As) Under 10㎍/g
Mercury (Hg) Under 1㎍/g
Stibium (Sb) Under 10㎍/g
Cadmium (Cd) Under 5㎍/g
Dioxane Under 100㎍/g
Methanol Normal product: Under 0.2 %(v/v), Wet wipe: Under 0.002 %(v/v)
Formaldehyde Normal product: Under 2000 ㎍/g, Wet wipe: Under 20㎍/g
Phthalates (DBP, BBP, DEHP) Under 100㎍/g altogether
안전관리 기준
Item Microbial limit
Total aerobic viable cell count
(bacteria, fungus)
  • For eye makeup/infant•children products: Under 500 units/g(ml)
  • Wet wipe: Under 100 units/g(ml) by germ and fungus each
  • Others: Under 1,000 units/g(ml)
Special microbes
(pathogenic Escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus)
None detected
안전관리 기준
Item Content, pH
Content Labeled amount (g/ml): Over 97%
pH 3.0 - 9.0 (Except for the products that don't contain water and those that are washed off with water right after usage)