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Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team
The Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team continually tracks the trends of the Chinese cosmetic industry and policies and act swiftly according to carry out the role of a bridgehead of the cosmetics industry.

Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team Overview

The Chinese cosmetics market records the average growth rate of more than 10% annually over the past 5 years on the back of increased national income and women's shifting recognition towards beauty. Despite the rapid growth of the Chinese cosmetics market, the authorities' strict licensing procedures imposed on foreign brands are what heighten the market barrier. In this note, the Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team continuously keeps track of the trends in the cosmetic industry and policies in China for swift response so that we can act as a bridgehead of the cosmetics industry for Korea and China. Moreover, we maintain a close relationship through cooperation with local enterprises to perform documents and review processes necessary for new ingredients registration and issuance of hygiene license in a smooth and prompt fashion.

Pledge by the Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team

Establish international guidelines
  • Joint study with the CFDA advisory institution
  • Develop common guidelines for Korea and China
  • Study guideline references on cosmetics and make proposals
Korea-China International Joint Research
  • Deduce government-wide research tasks for international interplay
  • Concluded an MOU with Beijing Technology and Business University
  • Hold regular symposiums and seminars. Perform human interchange
Cosmetic industry study
  • Study the Chinese cosmetic industry
  • Market and policy analysis on Chinese cosmetics market
  • Seek ways to promote domestic brands' foray into China
Compliance service
  • Hygiene licensing for cosmetics in China
  • Registration of new ingredients for cosmetics in China
  • Korea-China localization