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Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team
The Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team continually tracks the trends of the Chinese cosmetic industry and policies and act swiftly according to carry out the role of a bridgehead of the cosmetics industry.

Korea-China cosmetics localization


Our study team supports small and mid-size enterprises finding it hard to venture into China by launching the 「Professional cosmetics localization service」. The Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team consists of talents with high credentials from Korea and China in various fields such as biology, chemistry, marketing, international trade, skin care art, Chinese language, etc. to provide the seamless localization results for the Korean and Chinese languages which are professional and creative with appealing power across various fields. Grounded on the top-notch expertise, the Korea-China Cosmetic Industry Study Team contributes to addressing issues and problems for the Korean cosmetic enterprises that wish to venture into China or expand the market while doing their best to provide customization services in the cosmetics field of Korea and China.

Localization fields

① Special purpose
Thesis/report : Dissertations, academic report, clinical report, efficacy evaluation report, safety evaluation report
Industry/technology : Industrial trend report, cosmetics manual, technology patent, etc.
Law : Guidelines on cosmetic products, legislation on cosmetics
② Standard purpose
Homepage : Company homepage, detailed social networking page, shopping mall related with cosmetics
Business : Business proposal for the Chinese market, business introduction, company introduction, promotional data, catalogs, brochures, MOU editing
Advertising videos : Advertising videos on cosmetics, scenarios
General : Congratulatory note to the first publication of the cosmetic academic journal, Opening speech for Korea-China forum, pamphlets, business registration certificate, business letters

Localization rates

Varies from 3 difficulty levels as followings depending on the vocabulary, terminology, phrase, level of professionalism, etc.

  • 1. Normal
  • 2. Advanced
  • 3. Professional

Manager: Ja Young Seo
Contact: +82 2 6957 8183